Heraldry of the FBI National Academy Seal

The FBI National Academy Seal symbolizes  the united effort of all FBI National Academy graduates to maintain the high ideals of the law enforcement profession. Each facet of the National Academy–academic achievement, strength, valor, and integrity–is embodied in the seal’s symbols and colors.

The eagle represents the courage of law enforcement, flanked by academic excellence and law and order, as represented by the olive branch. The arrows symbolize the strength in body and mind necessary for law enforcement. The eagle stands on the United States shield. The red stripes of the shield symbolize the courage and strength necessary in law enforcement and the white stripes stand for light, peace and truth. The unity of law enforcement is represented by the 13 stripes comprising the shield, reminiscent of the 13 original states.

The motivating ideals of the National Academy are expressed in the motto, “Knowledge, Courage, Integrity”. The peaked, beveled edge surrounding the National Academy seal represents the continuing forces of adversity facing the law enforcement community.