About US

FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. is a non-profit international organization of senior law enforcement professionals dedicated to providing our communities and the law enforcement profession with the highest level of expertise, training, education, and information sharing. The Rocky Mountain Chapter, which comprises Colorado and Wyoming, serves members who live locally, but who have graduated from a session of the National Academy program, held each quarter in Quantico, Virginia.

The National Academy program began in 1935 and has since been the premier training venue for law enforcement executives. Many people have affectionately referred to it as “The West Point of Law Enforcement,” owing to its focus on leadership and management education  for mid- and upper-level law enforcement executives. During the 10-week academy (formerly 12 and 11 weeks, respectively), students attend classroom instruction where they learn, exchange ideas, and build life-long friendships with other police leaders from around the free world. National Academy students study a variety of courses in law enforcement technologies at the undergraduate and graduate levels, depending on their individual needs.

And while the educational program is a keystone of the experience, the National Academy is much more than a school. Fitness and camaraderie are combined in a triad with academics to create a rich, full program that enhances participants’  lives, regardless of their prior background.

Those same participants return to Colorado and Wyoming with new knowledge, skills, and relationships that add to their success here at home, and they have the option to retain and expand their affiliation through the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Our chapter is governed by an elected board of officers. The officers are selected, and other business of the chapter is conducted, according to our constitution and bylaws, which are ratified by the local membership. The Association’s values and the mission are stated below.


  • Expertise, Courage and Integrity
  • Hold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics
  • Uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of our respective communities
  • Pledge to protect the safety of the people and communities we serve, and the world at large
  • Provide the latest, and highest level of professional training
  • Make our expertise and experience available to those who can benefit from it.


The FBI National Academy Associates is recognized globally; among government leaders, law enforcement agencies and our communities, as the premier provider of law enforcement expertise, training, education and information. We are the chosen resource on law enforcement issues and the standard by which all other law enforcement agencies measure their performance. Our hallmarks are our leadership, teamwork and the courage of our members, and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to global and community law enforcement needs, ensuring the safety of the citizens we serve.