2019 President’s Welcome Message

John Burbach

Dear members and friends of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates,

I have been honored to serve on the Chapter Board for the past few years and as your president for 2019.  As we launch several new initiatives, I hope each of you will become involved with growing and maintaining our vibrant organization, which encompasses the great states of Colorado and Wyoming!

Membership renewal and retention is very important, and is always discussed at all the FBINAA meetings.  Our Chapter has adopted a program of mentorship within the chapter for newer members who have recently graduated from the Academy to encourage them in attending their first bi-monthly luncheon or yearly re-trainer by themselves until they get to know some of us.  David Lucero is heading up this effort and could use your help in encouraging the newly graduated and even those who haven’t attended in a while.  Please contact David to see how you can help.  Also, reach out to members in your department or area and offer to car pool or meet them at the event.  Introduce them to others you know and make them feel comfortable to sit with you and network, that’s what our association is all about!

I was very encouraged by the membership who attended the Fall Re-trainer in Ft. Collins, CO who unanimously voted to pursue a bid to host the FBINAA National Conference in 2023.  I believe we have a very good opportunity to host the conference and we should know for sure in early 2019 if we are selected.  That will be just the beginning of several years of work and fellowship as our Chapter begins its planning and outreach to our community leaders and businesses for their support in hosting this event.  Each and every member knows someone or a business who can provide some level of financial or physical sponsorship to support this endeavor.  We already have Chapter members participating on the conference committee, but each and every one of us will need to pull together to make this the success I know it can be!  The pay off is not only the comradeship and bonding that will form as we work mutually toward this goal, but the proceeds from the conference will help secure the Chapter’s financial future for years to come.  That is an accomplishment we can all be proud to have contributed to!

On your behalf, the Chapter Board manages several opportunities for the youth of our communities.  The criteria and process for those are outlined on our website if you have children who are interested in applying.  One opportunity is the FBI Youth Leadership Program (YLP).  The board selects a young person with outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated community work each year.   The YLP application process is very competitive and unfortunately only one slot is given to each Chapter per year.  The FBINAA has asked us to provide other opportunities to applicants who aren’t chosen but have shown an interest in law enforcement by applying.  Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters will be our YLP selection committee chair for 2019.  Please let him know if your agency hosts any youth training academies or other youth opportunities so that he may offer YLP applicants those alternative programs as an option to further their interest in our profession.

I am also pleased to announce that we have already locked in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO for our 2019 Chapter re-training conference on September 4th, 5th and 6th, 2019.  Please hold these dates on your calendar and let’s see if we can break an attendance record this year!  I know Jim Jensen has already been hard at work getting our speakers lined up as well as other opportunities (hopefully a tour of NORAD) and a shooting and/or golfing event, as well as activities for our significant others – stayed turned!!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!

John Burbach