2022 President’s Message

Captain (Ret.) Leroy Mora


Welcome to 2022! As we begin a new year, I would like to start by acknowledging my fellow board members for their dedication and leadership in helping to guide the chapter through 2021. I am confident the momentum gained will propel us into the new year and help our chapter reach new heights not only in the chapter membership but training as well.

To our members and FBI partners, thank you for your commitment to the Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Together over the past two years we pushed forward into new norms and because of your perseverance, the groundwork has been laid for us to build on.  In the coming year, our success as a chapter will rely heavily on membership enrollment in conjunction with strong attendance by our members to the luncheons and the fall conference. Together in service we will continue to grow as a chapter and carry on the mantel of the FBINAA with pride.

The 2023 National Conference is on the horizon and the conference planning team has done an amazing job planning and preparing to provide a memorable conference. There is still plenty of work to do, so please consider lending your time and talents to ensure the success of the conference. If you are interested in assisting with the conference preparations, please don’t hesitate to contact our planning team to get involved.

Lastly, the challenges of the last few years have affected our member participation, but our resolve was not deterred as luncheons resumed and we were able to hold our fall conference. I want to challenge each member in 2022 to stay involved with chapter events and to encourage those members who have not been active to recommit their dedication to the chapter. I have the utmost confidence that through positive leadership and membership support, our chapter can and will rebuild.

Together we are stronger!


Leroy C. Mora
President, FBINAA Rocky Mountain Chapter
Captain (Ret), Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office