Past Presidents Roll

“The true leader serves. Serves people. Serves their best interests, and in doing so will not always be popular, may not always impress. But because true leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than a desire for personal glory, they are willing to pay the price.” — Eugene B. Habecker in The Other Side of Leadership

The Rocky Mountain Chapter is grateful for the time, energy, and commitment these men and women sacrificed for the betterment of our chapter. We  recognize that our success as a group has come because these leaders have given of themselves as individuals. We are honored by their service to us and their communities.

We celebrate their character and their leadership with this small tribute.

Past Presidents

Year Name Session Agency
2021 Keith McPheeters Casper PD
2020 Rick McNair 255 University of Northern CO PD
2019 John Burbach 220 Denver PD
2018 James Crosby 164 Laramie Community College (Wyoming)
2017 Todd Deutsch 242 Weld County SO
2016 Doug Stephens 231 Littleton PD
2015 Steve Reams 231 Weld County SO
2014 Steve Hasler 203 Lone Tree PD
2013 Bryan Morehouse 229 Goshen County SO
2012 Justin Smith 223 Larimer County SO
2011 Andy Mclachlan 224 Pueblo PD
2010 Keith Groeneweg 206 Wyoming Highway Patrol
2009 Brian Gallagher 192 Denver PD
2008 Kenneth Lloyd 199 Black Hawk PD
2007 Bill Stanford 207 Cheyenne PD
2006 John Cooke 174 Weld County SO
2005 Steve Allison 172 Denver PD
2004 Byron Oedekoven 165 Campbell County SO
2003  Rich Lipich
2002  Joe Kissell
2000 Pat Casey 149 Westminster PD
1999  Rod Warne
1998  George Mathias
1996 John Koncilja 107 10th DA
1995  Don Lutz
1994  Doug Baker 140 Aurora PD
1993  Harry Nagel  124  State of Wyoming
 1980 Lyle Hesalroad
(National President, 1995)
 96th Denver PD
 1979 Leon Mull  90th Englewood PD
 1978 Raymond W. Stratton  93rd Cheyenne PD
 1977 Don Jarvis  85th Golden PD
 1976 Bill Thomas
 1975 Raymond W. Brisnehan  78th Westminster PD
 1974  Jim Byrd  84th Cheyenne PD
 1973 Harold Bray  71st Jefferson County SO
 1972 Donald J. Anderson  77th Adams County SO
1971 Maurice Becker  70th Colorado State Patrol
1970 Kenneth Owens  61st Cañon City PD
1969 Bill Romer  69th Natrona County SO
1968 C. J. “Jerry” Kennedy  75th Denver PD
1967 Guy Van Cleave
(National President, 1971)
 64th Adams County SO
1966 Roy Hill  59th 20th Judicial District (CO)
1965 Royal M. “Roy” Tangye  63rd  Denver PD
1964 Richard  J. Schippers  59th Colorado State Patrol
1963 H. E. “Ed” Van der Took  57th  Grand Junction PD
1962 Jack E. Stiffler Sr.  54th Pueblo PD
1961 Oren E. Boling  52nd Colorado Springs PD
1960 Robert L.  Mayber 49th Pueblo PD
1959 Harry H.  Cable  46th Salida PD
1958 E. Lewis Hawley  53rd 1st Judicial District (CO)
1957 Cloyd Hubertus  46th Durango PD
1956 Karl M. Johnson  34th Grand Junction PD
1955 Homer C. Beattie  25th Colorado Springs PD
1954 James F. Shumate  36th Denver PD
1953 W. C. “Babe” Miller  6th Wyoming State Penitentiary
1952 Earl C. Boatright 2nd Colorado Springs PD

Can you help build this roll? The chapter was first sanctioned in 1952, but over the years we have lost some of the business records, including historical records about our leadership. If you remember who served us over the years, or have any historical records, we’d like to hear from you.